Terebinth Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP System for All type of businesses

Fully integrated ERP system, suitable for all business types. Cover all business aspects, Unlimited users, Unlimited modules, with local pricing!

ระบบ Cloud ERP

What is Terebinth Cloud ERP ?

When you hear the word ERP or ERP system, it’s possible that you’re thinking of a high-priced platform that takes a long time to implement. There is a need for each department to work separately in an old fashioned way because there is a lack of an intermediary system to collaborate across department.

The organization with no ERP Software

ERP System makes the collaborative work and corporate resources shared within the organization ineffective and causes many problems moving forward. These problems can include data access issues due to incompatibility, inefficient access as well as rendering important data insecure. These problems can solve by effective ERP program.

Terebinth Cloud ERP in Thailand

Terebinth Cloud ERP

Terebinth Cloud ERP software has been developed and designed to be highly flexible, applicable to organizations of all sizes. It can be customized to suit every organization with low initial capital and time investment. This means that you do not have to invest a lot of money for an ERP system or have to be a large organization to benefit from its use. we want to create a to create an ERP that has the value of a diamond but the price tag of cubic zirconium in Thailand.

“Low upfront investment in ERP,

Fully integrated ERP system”

Terebinth Cloud ERP is a business process management and information system (ERP) on the Cloud within the organization that integrates the functionality of every department or corporate units within a single system. It is developed by a team of Thai developers using state-of-the-art technology. The system is tailor-made to meet the needs of our customers.

We aren’t Software Vendor that solve your existing problems, but we also drive your business forward.

Affordable Cloud-based ERP System

You no need to purchase a software license or invest in an infrastructure server. | Terebinth Cloud ERP system allows access by Web-browser in Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla firefox. Supports on PC, Laptop, Mobile, and Tablet. Access anywhere, anytime, and any devices just have internet. Terebinth Cloud ERP contains with international standards of structure.

“Suitable ERP for your business with SME price!”

Can support All Business

Trading Business

Helps you to not miss every business activities. Real-Time mornitor Profit and Loss Data is integrated into one system. All departments work together at full efficiency.


Production planning system, Production control, Calculate production costs, and track costs at each step. Able to calculate the recipe precisely Without limiting the layer of the production formula.

Service Business

Improve the quality of your service with efficient data collection. Using database together in the organization with full efficiency. Create a better experience for your customers.

Terebinth’s Modules

Terebinth Cloud ERP

Designed to be highly flexible, modules can customize with our experts based on your business requirements. Ensure that ERP you use will support all or your business aspects and operations. For more detail about modules in Terebinth Cloud ERP please visit our page

Modules Support

CRM - Marketing​

Lead, Campaign, Activities, Documentary


Customer, Opportunity, Quotation, SO, Sales Pricing


Suppliers, PR, PO, Approval, Purchase Pricing


Inspection, Stocking, Reservation, Issuing, Transfer


Process Control, Cost Control, B.O.M., Planning


Financial Paperwork


Ledger, Trial Balance, Cash flow, Accounting Reports

HR - Recruiting

Employee, Payroll,
Job Opening, Candidates

Implementation Services

Terebinth Cloud ERP can also be customized to suit all types of organizations and workflows. Available for all sizes of business Contact us today to see how we can make a difference. Apart from the implementation service, we also have a Readymade ERP that can access the system immediately! without any customization.

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