Terebinth Cloud ERP

Why Terebinth Cloud ERP

Nowadays, there are many ERP system providers in the world with difference advantage or disadvantage. Terebinth Cloud ERP is designed for SMEs business and startups group to easily access that means it not only large organization and only have a lot of investment to be able to use the ERP system.

9 reasons why you should choose Terebinth Cloud ERP

Highly quality software

Highly quality software by local development team with reasonable local pricing, always updatw newly version.

Highly Flexible

Applicable to all size of organization and business type and customizable system to be suit with customer’s workflow. Covering each type of business whether trading, services, manufacturing, import-export.

Cloud-based SaaS

No need server or set up server, can be access via Web-browser any where any time any devices  

No obligation 

Annual commitment not mandatory, month to month contract. Pay as you go. Cancellable any time. Customer data ownership anytime import and export.

Quick process

System adaptable to working process with very quick implement and onboarding.

Increase efficiency

Reduce working process, prevent redundancy, and standardize on work, employee can work better smart.

Cost reduction and cost control

Reduction cost of unnecessary hiring, able to track and control production cost or project cost.

Effective collaboration

Collaborate across all of the corporate functions in the organiztion into one system.

Better analytic

Real-time data integration with a variety of analysis tools. Help executives understand the overall view of the situation and aware of the time. Allow better planning decisions and precise.

Terebinth Cloud ERP for business that wants to make a difference over competitors. For more information. download click. We are Cloud ERP consultant and provider that suitable for Thai’s business with reasonable price and can be customized according to your workflow of business.

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